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I design costumes for dance and events in NYC. I've had the pleasure to work with and learn from designers and mentors Reid Bartelme & Harriet Jung.

Recent design credits include: Delicate Power by Helen Simoneau Danse (2022), DARLING by Helen Simoneau Danse (2020), through the mirror of their eyes by Kimberly Bartosik (2019), EYESOW by Michaela Taylor for Gibney Dance Company (2019), matador jacket for Swivel Spot by Jen Rosenblit (2017), rib bone / backbone by Heather Robles (2017), (T)here to (T)here with Liz Gerring Dance Company for LC's White Light Festival (2016), .


I work mostly in the field of dance because as a dancer myself, I find it the most interesting. I have heard time and again from choreographers who don't know where to start when it comes to costumes, and I enjoy being able to help them frame their work through this medium. As a mover, I have practical knowledge about the range of motion required for dance costumes and take pride in designing and making costumes that performers feel confident performing in.

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