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Mask for Mask



reframe is the reoccurring mantra in my life and the perfect way to explain how I view clothing and the world. Clothing is our frame, and how we use that frame to adapt to any number of situations reflects a lot about us. I'm also interested in reframing the role of clothing in our lives in the midst of a culture of capitalism that values trends and fast fashion that are built to capture our dollars and distract from systems built to create vast disparities of wealth. If you've ever wondered why (women's) fashion moves at the pace that it does, it's because if you get comfortable with a style and find pieces built to last, then you will stop spending money on clothing and have time to think about other things. And while I have a grand vision for this post-consumerist holistic clothing world, I'm just a small business, so the scale needed to attack is beyond my current scope. I'm here to reframe some of it for you and also to make fun things from scratch and give new life to already existing clothes. ​

Ask not what your body can do for clothing, but what clothing can do for your body (and soul)!

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