I design costumes for dance in NYC and work with designers and mentors Reid Bartelme & Harriet Jung.

Recent design credits include: DARLING by Helen Simoneau Danse (2020), Matador jacket for Swivel Spot by Jen Rosenblit (2017), rib bone / backbone by Heather Robles (2017), (T)here to (T)here with Liz Gerring Dance Company for LC's White Light Festival (2016), .


I work mostly in the field of dance because as a dancer myself, I find it the most interesting. Also, I have heard time and again from choreographers who don't know where to start when it comes to costumes, and I enjoy being able to help them frame their work through this medium. I have practical knowledge about the move-ability required for dance costumes because I have worn many costumes as a dancer myself.